Strength & Conditioning for Elite Level Athletes. This package focuses on those athletes truly looking to enhance their performance through unorthodox sports specific strength and conditioning routines. No matter what sport you play, every workout will be customized for the individual athlete with the foremost concentration on providing your body all the flexibility, balance, strength, and core stability needed to improve your skill.


Andy Main

PURE MMA & Fitness

Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt

"I’m not a champion yet but I’m not going to wait until I am to train like one.  Semper-Fitness has been an essential part of becoming a complete athlete for me in the Mixed Martial Arts game. Combat sports demands a very specific style of strength and conditioning to prepare for the high intensity situations we will encounter in training and competition. The Semper-Fitness regimens utilize a greater amount of fitness training potential than any other program I’ve been a part of. I have been exploring different forms of training for a few years now and none compare to the innovative and effective techniques that Felix applies to his programs. Felix is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to format sport and situation specific exercises to prepare for anything an athlete might encounter. I personally have had significant gains in both functional strength and cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. All of which I notice while training, sparring, and fighting. Most sports and the training that accompanies them continue to evolve with more knowledge of the human body. Semper-Fitness utilizes many innovative tools such as Elevation Masks, battle ropes, kettle bells, and plyo-metric tools along with traditional exercises to achieve the maximum potential of workouts. Felix’s knowledge of proper technique is also extremely beneficial because he helps avoid muscle and joint injuries that are common in strength training and even helps strengthen and heal injuries a person might have through corrective exercises. With old and recurring injuries this knowledge was essential for me in finding a trainer. Overall Felix and the Semper-Fitness program are an integral part my training as a professional fighter. Any serious athlete, especially in combative sports, that has the option of working with Felix needs to take advantage of the training that is offered. Remember that greatness, champions, and even just healthy living don’t come easy. I’m not sure who said it but “anything worth doing is worth fighting for”. Now this applies to me literally but everyone, especially athletes, should apply this to themselves and when it comes to the fight for great fitness Felix is the man to have in your corner.”   - Andy





Vinnie Bruno

Amateur Hockey Goalie

"Since I started training with Semper-Fitness, I have noticed significant improvements in my hockey game.  Not only is my strength and quickness growing stronger, my confidence and even focus has improved.  If you are looking to better yourself, especially in your sports game, this is who you need to be training with!  I never thought I would or could be playing at the level that I am, but with the help from Felix and Semper-Fitness, I have been able to achieve and even surpass my goals!"    -Vinnie

 Jon Helwig
AMA Fight Club
Whippany, NJ

 "First of all, I don't endorse garbage! Any athlete who's had serious injuries knows that you can’t play around trying new stuff without quality instruction. I had pushed my own strength & conditioning to a solid level over the years but definitely had reached a plateau. For a fighter, mediocrity is a death sentence.

Since beginning to train under Felix, I’ve never done the same routine twice. The knowledge he has makes each session highly efficient and covers the full range from rehab to aggressive strength & conditioning.

We all only have so much time in the day to fit things in. It should say a lot that I’ve shuffled and even dropped other activities to make sure I can always get my sessions in with Felix."    -Jon


Mikey Main
PURE MMA & Fitness
Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
"Although I have only been training with Felix at Semper-Fitness for a short time, I can already feel my improvements.  I am an amateur mixed martial artist with a lot of talent and skill in my arsenal, but my cardio is definitely my weak point.  Without exceptional cardio, my talent and technique are useless. With the help of Semper-Fitness I will soon be a force to reckon with inside the cage."      -Mikey Main










Clients in Action 

Andy "The Main Event" Main

Vinny "the Lion" O'Brien

Jon Helwig

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