Personal Training for Special Population. Semper-Fitness has designed a program to help individuals battling with specific health issues improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. Special Population is a term used in the health & fitness industry for clients who suffer from a myriad of health issues, i.e. injuries, patients living with diabetes, women dealing with osteosperosis, recent pre-natal/ post-natal mothers looking to get back in shape, and recovering cancer patients dealing with post- chemotherapy treatment. It is important that sound and safe methodologies be incorporated to address each unique situation as the need arises. Each session includes a multitude of exercises to enhance and address the client’s specific needs; while simultaneously improving their balance, core strength, overall strength, and flexibility. The unorthodox methodologies of Semper-Fitness have proven to help individuals achieve their goals and surpass former restraints. Thus our motto….”Don’t just look better…PERFORM BETTER!” 

"After numerous surgeries from a near fatal car accident in 2001, I realized that fitness would be a necessary lifelong commitment if I wanted to be mobile and pain free. My right hip broke in 3 places; I had a spleen rupture, brain hemorrhage, various spots of internal bleeding, and a broken right arm. My hip and arm were repaired with many pins, plates and 1 really big rod! Needless to say, I wasn't sure how well I'd walk, let alone ever do squats again! After long term physical therapy and a strong determination, I was able to get myself moving again, but not really being certain how to strengthen the parts of my body which needed to compensate for the damage done. I approached Felix after witnessing him work with another client. I noticed how knowledgeable he was pertaining to anatomy and how the body and muscles function as a whole. When I explained my condition, he was able to customize my workouts to strengthen my weak areas without straining the injuries.
2 years later, I am stronger and leaner than I was before my accident! I've gone from a size 5/6 to a 1/2 and even fitting into my old size 0 jeans! (Glad I didn't get rid of them!) I'm so thankful to have found a trainer who understands my limitations and can still creatively train me just as intensely as any other client! I find myself looking forward to his weekly challenges and the results of what's to come!"

"Finding out I was diabetic was a shock. Add to that my bad back and a 50 birthday; I reconciled myself to having my body fade away gracefully into the sunset. I "didn't have time" for exercise although this was exactly what the doctor ordered for my bad back and my diabetes. I was a size 40 and barely able to walk a mile without losing my breath. After a kick in the butt from my wife (who didn't want to be around a "pathetic old man"), I picked myself up and went on a program to rehabilitate myself with the help of Felix Erazo. Felix interviewed me and found out that the misalignments of my back, probably as a result of lack of training and poor posture, was preventing me from exercising for fear of throwing my back out. Moreover, exercise is the key to controlling my diabetes, so not exercising was a double whammy.  Felix put me on a bi-weekly exercise program that allowed

me to lose weight, build up my core musculature to stabilize my back and neck. Besides being an interesting guy, Felix provided me with enough inspiration to improve my health without turning myself into a fanatic -- which I was never going to do. The difference in the X-ray of my back before and after I was on the exercise program was astounding. My blood sugar levels have been under control since I have started exercising, I lost over 20 pounds and I am down to a 36 waist. I feel healthier and younger. It was just the right ticket for me." - George





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