Training Videos


Saturday Morning Balance and Stabilization with Paul

Billy & Derek THROWING IT DOWN!  This is an example of Fire Team Training for the Advanced Client.  The masks are used to simulate high alitutude training; forcing the body to work with less oxygen, thus inducing the anaerobic state quicker which inturn allows for a larger amount of caloric expenditure!!   

Sara Erazo
Not an MMA Fighter, but trains like one!

 Whether you are new to training or the habitual gym rat; everyone has the challenges they need to overcome.  It's difficult to keep motivated, consistent, and the cost down in order to reach the goals you set out to achieve.  By enrolling in the Semper-Fitness Fire Team training program, you are motivated by training with a friend, while simultaneously saving money (1 hour workout for the cost of 1/2 hour).  Working with a partner has positive psychological benefits; it instills friendly competition, makes each workout fun, while encouraging each other to push themselves harder than they would training indivudally.  Whether you are looking to train with your spouse, friend, colleague, or even a stranger; you too can reach your goals!  

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