Personal Training for Beginners. This package is for the first time trainee who has never worked out previously or is returning after a long hiatus due to a change in lifestyle. The program focuses on body movement assessment, flexibility, balance, and core stability. It incorporates methodologies which include corrective exercises to address possible muscular imbalances and it also includes full-body, cardio inducing circuit training to achieve WEIGHT LOSS! 

Personal Training for Intermediate & Advanced. This  package is specifically designed for the individual who has been training for years and is looking to enhance their performance and current health and fitness levels through unorthodox methodologies.  Each routine will be comprised of various exercises that will increase your flexibility, balance, core stability, muscular endurance & strength, and your overall stamina through full-body cardio inducing circuit training.         

Russian Kettlebells 101 This package focuses on those who are interested in learning proper kettlebell techniques from the ground up.  For those looking to step out of the box from the more traditional strength and conditioning methods.

TRX Suspension Training 101.
This package introduces you to the benefits of suspension training with the TRX suspension straps.  This piece of equipment has revolutionized the fitness world now utilized by everyone from pre-natal mothers, golfers, the US Military, and is perfect for those always on the go and cannot always make it to the gym. 

Strength & Conditioning for Elite Level Athletes.
This package focuses on those athletes truly looking to enhance their performance through unorthodox sports specific strength and conditioning routines. No matter what sport you play, every workout will be customized for the individual athlete with the foremost concentration on providing your body all the flexibility, balance, strength, and core stability needed to improve your skill.

Personal Training for Special Population.
Semper-Fitness has designed a program to help individuals battling with specific health issues improve their quality of life and sense of well-being.  Special Population is a term used in the health & fitness industry for clients who suffer from a myriad of health issues, i.e. injuries, patients living with diabetes, women dealing with osteosperosis, recent pre-natal/ post-natal mothers looking to get back in shape, and recovering cancer patients dealing with post- chemotherapy treatment.  It is important that sound and safe methodologies be incorporated to address each unique situation as the need arises.    Each session includes a multitude of exercises to enhance and address the client’s specific needs; while simultaneously improving their balance, core strength, overall strength, and flexibility.  The unorthodox methodologies of Semper-Fitness have proven to help individuals achieve their goals and surpass former restraints.    Thus our motto….”Don’t just look better…PERFORM BETTER!”

Fun Fitness for Kids
This package is for pre-adolescent childen who are either looking to help excel in a specific sport or those who don't play sports and need additional physical activity.  Each training session is geared to make exercising fun while simultaneously preparing them for a healthy life.  If the child is interested in excelling in a specific sport, a customized routine will be constructed to improve said skill.   



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